Rodent Control

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Shut the Door on Destructive Rodent Invasions

Receive rodent control services in Cleveland, OH

If you spot one mouse scurrying around in your home or business, the odds are that you have many more hidden guests. When store-bought traps or poison just won't cut it, let the professionals at Redex Pest & Mold offer effective rodent control in the Cleveland, OH area.

We'll set up a perimeter protection plan, then use a powder or trapping system for safe and efficient rat control. We'll also show you how to prevent the rats from returning.

Dealing with bigger critters? Ask us about our exclusion work for nuisance animals like squirrels and raccoons. Call 216-952-3508 today for 24/7 emergency rodent control in Cleveland, OH.

How dangerous is a rodent infestation?

Rat infestations are much more than just annoying. Get immediate rat control to avoid:

  • Unsanitary rat urine and feces throughout your home
  • Chewed wires, insulation and carpentry
  • Dangerous diseases spread through fleas on rats

Keep your property safe from the dangerous effects of a rat infestation. Speak with us any time of day for prompt and professional services.